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Privacy Photo Album

The Privacy Photo Album utility is designed for anybody who is looking for a most useful and powerful image encryption software which can encrypt private pictures. It is a password control image viewer with the strong encryption engine to protect your privacy. You can collect pictures to several albums. Each album is a single encrypted file. Nobody will see content of albums even he(she) steals them from your storage. The Privacy Photo Album decrypts pictures 'on-fly' and does not create any temporary files so be sure you will not leave any traces on another's PC. The utility is made as a single executable file and does not require any additional files and installation on PC. You can just run it from any Flash storage or even use a DVD with saved private albums. Also it is a comfortable image viewer and it offers you view pictures in several modes with custom effects.

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Privacy Photo Album - Hide and encrypt private pictures and photos with password

Main features
  • protects and encrypts private pictures
  • password access control
  • comfortable customizable viewer
  • you can collect pitures to albums
  • each album is a single crypted file
  • you can extract albums to files in any time
  • the utility does not require installation on PC
  • you can run it from any removable device: Flash storage, CD, DVD, HDD and so on
  • it does not create any temporary files and decrypts pictures 'on-fly'
  • it does not leave any traces on PC
  • nobody will be able to view your private pictures even if you lost them
  • offers customizable slide-show mode

System Requirements
Windows 32-bit OS: XP, Vista, Seven, 2000, 2003, 2008

1 license = $9.95

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3 licenses = $21

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4 licenses = $28

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5 licenses = $35

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10 licenses = $40

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20 licenses = $80

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50 licenses = $200

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Site License = $600

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